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Playing Age: 5-35.

Characteristics: Bubbly, Conversational, Down to Earth, Friendly, Girl Next Door, Innocent, Light, Singer, Soft, Streetwise, Youthful.

Accents: Estuary (Native), General Scottish (Native), Northern, West Country, Liverpool, MLE, RP, General American, Southern Irish, Cockney.

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Documentary Reel
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Audiobook Reel
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Audio Drama and Accent Reel
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Singing Reel
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Tesco Mobile Clip
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Scottish Commercial Clip
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Scottish Audiobook Clip
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Abbie is an experienced voice over artist, actress, and singer, who is 3/4 Scottish, so can flit between an Estuary and Scottish accent naturally.

During her professional training she won the BBC Carleton Hobbs award, leading her on to work with the likes of Bill Nighy, Maureen Lipman, and Lenny Henry, whilst on the BBC Radio Rep.

Abbie was brought back as a series regular in the award winning series Home Front and can also be heard playing a lead operative player in Watch Dogs: Legion.

She has gone on to voice multiple ad campaigns for Vinted, Bumble, Maltesers, Screwfix (to name a few) and has voiced BBC Book at Bedtime, as well as multiple short stories for BBC Radio One and BBC Sounds.

She is currently working on several AAA gaming projects, which she finds great fun.

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