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Playing Age: 20-45.

Characteristics: Versatile, Warm, Professional, Engaging, Smiley, Soothing, Calming, Captivating, Adaptable, Enthusiastic, Alluring, Memorable.

Accents: Danish, North American

Languages: Danish, English.

Studio: Home Studio.

Danish Reel
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English Reel
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Amalie, a versatile voiceover artist, seamlessly blends warmth and professionalism in every project.

A native Dane, Amalie excels in both Danish and English, including a North American or Danish accent.

Her extensive experience includes collaborations with renowned brands such as; Microsoft, TIER, TooGoodToGo, Nordisk Film, and Visit Copenhagen.

Outside the voice booth, Amalie is a singer, producer, and songwriter, under the name Amalie Bryde, bringing a unique creative touch to her work.

Operating from her professional home studio, she ensures high-quality and timely deliveries.

From captivating B2B content, to informative medical advice explainer videos, engaging commercials, and compelling radio spots, Amalie elevates every project, leaving a lasting impression with her voice.

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