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Playing Age: 20-40.

Characteristics: Caring, Characterful, Down-to-Earth, Dry, Friendly, Refined, Soothing.

Accents: Neutral (Native), RP, Heightened RP, East Midlands, Cockney, MLE, West Country, Yorkshire, Glaswegian, Welsh, Dublin, South African, American Standard, American Southern States, Australian, German, Scandinavian.

Languages: English, Swedish and German.

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Narration Reel
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Video Game Reel
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Swedish Reel
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German Reel
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Ben is a London based actor, who grew up between Sweden and the East Midlands.

He is a graduate of the Arden School of Theatre, and has been training with VOGym to further enhance his skills for voiceover work.

He is experienced in commercials, narration, and drama. While his voice has a warmth and measure ideal for narration, Ben is also a master of accents, who lives to fill his characters’ shoes.

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