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Playing Age: 4-35.

Characteristics: Bright, Youthful, Clear, Authoritative, Animated, Friendly, Versatile, Quirky, Breathy, Silvery, Cartoony.

Accents: Canadian (Native), American - Standard, American - South, American - West Coast, American - East Coast, British RP, Irish, Scottish, French, Russian.

Languages: English, French (small amount), Spanish (small amount).

Studio: Home Studio.

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Bridget is a Canadian, British-based voice actor, dancer and mocap performer.

Given her Transatlantic background, she can easily slip into a wide range of both American and British accents. Versatile, creative and playful, she has worked in a wide range of genres, including ADR, audiobooks, audio drama, corporate, medical and E-learning.

She was recently featured on BBC Radio 4 and BBC Sounds, narrating "The Maid by Nita Prose" and will be playing D.I. Annette Barlow in the upcoming audio drama "Killing Time" by Short Tale Sounds. Additional clients include WeTransfer, Listening Books, Clariness, and Tunstall Health.

Bridget has experience and training in motion and performance capture through The Mocap Vaults and is a member of Shapes in Motion's "Movers and Makers" Troupe. This, alongside over a decade of experience as a professional dancer, makes Bridget an invaluable asset in the volume.

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