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Playing Age: 30-60.

Characteristics: Warm, Smooth, Assured.

Accents: Mid Atlantic, US General, US Midwest, US NY (Bronx), US California, US southern (Texas and most southern states, also ‘upper class plantation’), UK contemporary RP.

Languages: American English (native), Flemish (Basic A1/A2), French (Basic beginners).

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate Reel
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Pampers Commercial Clip
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Secret Commercial Clip
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Huggies Commercial Clip
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Crystal Yacht Cruises Clip
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Project Literacy Clip
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When L.O.V.E is > Rob Lowe + Jello (Audiobook)
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Heraklion (Audiobook)
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Cherise is a professional voiceover artist and actor, born in America and based in London by way of Belgium. Known for narrating Season 3 of Discovery ID’s Web of Lies, she has also voiced an array of work including commercial promotion, corporate, ADR, audio description, character and animation.

“…she always brings her incredible range, excellent ear, fantastic attitude and unending creativity to every project.” Chris Olsen, Executive Producer, Kai/Harding Entertainment.

“Cherise is intelligent, intuitive, creative and a delight to work with. She got the balance just right between hard-boiled and conveying sensitivity…” Gillian Pachter, Producer, Blast! Films.

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