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Playing Age: 30-40.

Characteristics: Warm, Deep, Sincere, Honest, Friendly, Upbeat, Fresh.

Accents: Yorkshire/General Northern (native), General Southern.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.


Chris is a highly experienced voiceover artist and actor, having worked for over fifteen years across all areas of the business.

Advertising work includes national campaigns for Sky, HSBC, and Jaguar, among many others. He has voiced documentaries for Channel 5 and the History Channel, and provided character voices for animation and Video Games such as Total War: Arena, and Warhammer 2.

Chris has recently appeared in All of Us and Rutherford & Son at The National Theatre, and he has played roles in the TV series Rome, Dr Who, Silo, and numerous others.

Upcoming Radio Drama for the BBC includes ‘Takeover’ and ‘There’s Something I Need To Tell You’.

When not in the booth or on stage/set, Chris can be found behind the decks - he’s been a DJ for almost 25 years!

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Medical Reel
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