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Playing Age: 35-50.

Characteristics: Clear, Authoritative, Smooth, Engaging, Warm, Confident, Sensual, Friendly.

Accents: RP, French, German.

Languages: English, French, German and Italian.

Studio: Home Studio.


Christine is a Berlin-based actor, singer, and voice over artist.

She was born in Britain and raised in Switzerland, training at the Geneva Conservatoire, the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London), and the International Opera Studio (Zurich).

Her highly successful operatic and musical career has seen her perform regularly across Europe in leading opera houses and theatres as well as major international festivals.

Through her passion for all forms of vocal expression, Christine’s artistic path has naturally evolved towards the rich and diverse world of voice over; with her 25 years of experience onstage as a performer across multiple genres, and her language skills - she speaks 4 languages fluently - she has a natural musical ear and a gift for giving voice to the written word.

English Commercial Reel
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English Documentary Reel
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English Audiobook Reel
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French Reel
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German Clip
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