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Playing Age: 20's-40's.

Characteristics: Warm, Friendly, Confident, Characterful, Relatable, Fresh.

Accents: Neutral, Estuary, Soft London, Surrey, RP.

Studio: Home studio.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate Reel
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Promo Reel
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Documentary Reel
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Character Reel
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Danie is a wonderfully vibrant and versatile British voiceover artist with a bright and engaging sound.

She has worked for a range of major global brands including Audible, McDonalds, Discovery, Lego, Nintendo, Pokémon, Universal, Diet Coke, Schwarzkopf, Hayu.

She is the perfect talent for a variety of voiceover projects, and with over a decade in the industry, her professionalism and delivery is flawless.

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