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Playing Age: 15-85.

Characteristics: Warm, Friendly, Casual, Deep, Gravelly, Impactful.

Accents: Essex (native), MLE, Cockney, Estuary, Mancunian, Liverpool, Birmingham, Scottish (general), RP English, South West England, General American, New York, New York Italian, Southern States American, Boston, Californian, Australian, South African, New Zealand, German, Russian, Eastern European.

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Gaming and Animation Reel
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Documentary Reel
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David is an actor and VO artist, who recently joined the industry, back in April.

Having spent the first 6 months concentrating purely on acting, he has been involved in several short films, which are due to be released at film festivals next year. He has also worked on corporate gigs for HS2 Rail and Currys, as well as recently filming a proof of concept for a TV series.

Having recently turned his attention to voiceover work, David has been training with The VO gym for several months, and has just booked his first VO gig for an independent short film, which is currently in production.

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