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Playing Age: 30-60

Characteristics: Rich, Resonant, Deep, Friendly, Warm, Trustworthy, Gravitas.

Accents: Neutral, Soft RP, Urban, Standard African, Nigerian.

Languages: English, Igbo -Nigerian, Spanish (conversational).

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate Reel
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TV Promo and Continuity Reel
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Radio Imaging Reel
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Meditation Reel
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David is a London based British voice over artist with a  deep, rich, resonant vocal tone, also described as warm trustworthy and with gravitas.

He has worked with notable brands, including; Mercedes, Lloyds Bank, ASDA, and NHS England, helping them deliver their brand messages on multiple platforms.

David demonstrates agility and flexibility in being able to deliver and record; commercials, narrations, eLearning, explainer videos, podcasts (intros/outros), phone messages/IVR, tutorials/business training/presentations, trailers, and much more.
He works diligently, professionally, dependably, and in a timely manner.
David is also a practicing medical doctor (General Practitioner), and a keen singer in the genres of classical and gospel music.

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