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Playing Age: 30-40.

Characteristics: Warm, Sensual, Reassuring, Calm.

Accents: RP, Italian, Spanish/Latin, French, Eastern European.

Languages: Italian (native), English, Spanish and German.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

English Commercial Reel
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Italian Commercial Reel
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English Corporate Reel
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English Drama Reel
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Italian Crisis Clip
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Elena grew up in Trieste, in the north-east of Italy, but she has been calling London her home since 2006.
She has appeared in several stage productions, both in Italy and the UK, including Mai Stata Sul Cammello? (La Contrada), The Tempest (Steiner Theatre), Neitherhere nor there (Soho Theatre Studio), and Clepsydra (Athens Sto Treno Sto Ruf Festival).
Her film and TV credits include Aries: Horror-scopes Vol1, A dice with five sides, Empathy, and Killing Eve 2.
In 2018 Elena debuted as a writer with Clara: Sex, Love and Classical Music, a solo- show where she also performs as pianist, which has been very successfully performed world-wide and at Edinburgh Fringe 2022.
Elena also holds an MA degree in English and German.

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