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Playing Age: 25-45.

Characteristics: Warm, Clear, Relatable, Confident, Gravitas, Engaging.

Accents: Neutral British, Estuary, London.

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate Reel
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Radio Reel
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Instore Reel
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Elizabeth is a full time voice actor with nearly 7 years experience, based from her bespoke built professional recording studio in Surrey.

Her voice is warm, clear and engaging, enabling her to connect with the listener.

From in-store messaging, to national TV campaigns, corporate, and radio, Elizabeth is versatile and relatable.

Some of her clients include; Amazon, Sky, ITV, Warner Bros, Sainsbury's, Argos, Superdrug, HSBC, Aramco, GSK, Capital Radio, and most things in between!

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