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Playing Age: 18- 35.

Characteristics: Bright, Upbeat, Warm, Smooth, Cool, Intimate, Caring, Informative.

Accents: RP, London, American-California, Essex.

Languages: English, Croatian, Italian and Spanish (intermediate level).

Studio: Home Studio.

English Commercial Reel
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English Corporate Reel
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English Audiobook Reel
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English Documentary Reel
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Croatian Commercial Reel
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Italian Commercial Reel
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Francesca is a London based actress and voice over artist with fluency in both Italian and Croatian languages, along with intermediate level Spanish.

She trained at The Oxford School of Drama and later went on to study Drama and Performance at The University of Portsmouth, where she graduated with a 1st Class Honors degree.

Francesca has worked for a range of clients such as; Reed Smith (Arbitration Pricing Calculator App), The Close Brother’s Group (Animation Video), Edinburgh Nightline (Commercial) and the NHS (Animation). Her warm, bright and engaging tone can amplify all of your voice over needs.

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