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Playing Age: 16-32.

Characteristics: Warm, Friendly, Charming, Engaging, Cool, Confident, Reassuring.

Accents: RP, RP with German accent, German, German with slight Bavarian accent, English with Scandinavian accent.

Languages: English and German.

Studio: Home Studio.

German Commercial Reel
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English Narration Reel
00:00 / 01:04
German Narration Reel
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English Video Game Reel
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German Video Game Reel
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Francesca is a bilingual English and German voice over artist and actress, who has worked in dubbing, audio play, e-learning, corporate and commercial voice over, as well as screen and stage. She grew up in Munich, Germany, but has been living in London since 2016. She enjoys the variety in her work, is always excited to take on new projects, and is eager to expand her voice over experience into new areas. Besides acting, she is currently working towards a degree in Clinical Psychology and in her spare time she enjoys sewing.

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