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Playing Age: 6-25.

Characteristics: Engaging, Youthful, Bright, Friendly, Fresh.

Accents: Standard English (Native), Polish (Native), Russian, Eastern European, French, RP, General American.

Languages: Polish, English, French.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

English Commercial Reel
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English Narration Reel
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Polish Narration Reel
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English Animation Reel
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Gabriela is a Polish/English actress, who has just graduated from Rose Bruford South West (formally ALRA). She speaks Polish and English fluently, with conversational French. She can easily play with the intensity of the Polish accent.

Gabriela is eager to keep learning more languages - next on her list is Swedish and Russian.

She is charismatic and reliable in her work, always bringing positivity, playfulness, and commitment.

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