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Playing Age: 39-55.

Characteristics: Warm, Charming, Enthusiastic.

Accents: Northern, Liverpool, North Wales, RP, London, Essex.

Studio: Home Studio.

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Gary was born and raised in Chester and North Wales. He graduated from RADA in 1991, and his eclectic career has taken him all over the world, working extensively in TV, film, and theatre. He’s played countless leading roles from Macbeth to Carlos Diaz in ITV’s Emmerdale; from Henry Jekyll to Sy Spector in the Bodyguard musical; from Captain Hook to touring a one-man show. A keen improviser, he is one of the founding members of The Spontaneity Shop Improv Company, and voices documentaries, commercials and audio dramas.

He plays guitars, writes scripts - but more than anything, he is a proud father to his daughters Betsy and Lola.

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