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Playing Age: 16-35.

Characteristics: Warm, Soft, Reassuring, Bubbly, Conversational, Clear, Singer, Friendly, Bright, Enthusiastic, Versatile, Girl next Door.

Accents: Manchester (native), German, Liverpool, Yorkshire, Welsh, Australian, RP,  Estuary, Essex, Cockney, Scottish-Standard, Dublin, Somerset, General American, California, Southern American.

Languages: English (native), German (native).

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

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Hannah is currently in her final year of Acting training at Rose Bruford South West (formerly ALRA), and previously completed a year of Musical Theatre training at the Guildford School of Acting.

She is a bilingual Northern English/German actress and singer based in London, who speaks English with a soft Mancunian accent, and German with a clear, central Western accent.

Hannah's bilingual ear means she is adept at learning and embodying a wide variety of accents confidently. This along with her warm, friendly, and versatile tone means she is well suited to a wide range of voice-over work.

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