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Playing Age: 20-40.

Characteristics: Versatile, Cool, Distinctive, Bright, Smooth.

Accents: British RP, Australian, Northern, Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Dorset, West Country, American, South African.

Studio: Home studio.

Commercial Reel
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Narration Reel
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Continuity Reel
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Imaging Reel
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Radio Reel
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Music Commercial Reel
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Jemma can deliver energetic ‘up' reads to laid back smooth reads.

She is very experienced in voiceover having recorded recognisable reads for TV Ads, Station Imaging for RadioX & BBC Radio1, SKY Continuity, Channel 5 Promos, and Narration for various TV Shows. She is also host of 'Pure Gems’ on Delite Radio.

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