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Playing Age: 30-50.

Characteristics: Informative, Engaging, Warm.

Accents: West Yorkshire (Native), Neutral British, General American, Liverpool, West Country, Cockney.

Studio: Home studio.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate Reel
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Documentary Reel
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Character Reel
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Medical Reel
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Radio Reel
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Yorkshire Accent Reel
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Karen is a British female Voiceover Artist with her own high quality home studio.
She has 7 years varied experience, including commercials for TV, Internet and Radio, Bumpers for UK Channel 4, product and explainer videos, e-learning programs and telephone messages. She is the voice of an Educational English Language programme in Hong Kong called ‘Kindergarten School’, and has worked with companies including Microsoft, Nestlé and the NHS, based both in the UK, and the US, UAE and Asia.
With a BA Hons degree in Theatre and many years as a jobbing actor behind her, Karen describes herself as a dependable, enthusiastic team-player, who always gives her best.
Karen takes pride in producing industry standard, professional quality voiceover files in a speedy timeframe, and offers a fast, reliable and top quality service.
For extensive CV and examples of previous work, visit

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