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Playing Age: 25-45.

Characteristics: Natural, Warm, Friendly, Conversational, Husky.

Accents: London/Kent (native), Cockney, Devon, English Standard, Essex, Estuary, RP, US Standard, West Country, Yorkshire.

Studio: Home Studio.

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Lee was born in Devon, raised from an early age in Kent, and with his father’s family hailing from the East End, he slips very easily from ‘Cockney cheeky chappy’ to ‘earthy West Country’.

He is an award winning actor who has appeared in Emmy Award winning series Vikings, Eastenders, Whitstable Pearl, and most recently appearing as DS Wade in Emmerdale. His next project (due for release in December 2023) is feature film Clean Up Crew, starring Antonio Banderas, Melissa Leo, and Jonny Rhys Meyers. Lee also writes - he received the Jury Prize and the Best Actor Award at the Romford Film Festival for his award winning short film On My Own.

Lee has worked as a voiceover artist for over ten years, most recently voicing commercials for Slimming World, Coral Ladbrokes and Continental Tyres. He has a variety of experience in radio drama, having worked on the BBC Radio 4 recurring series Faith, Hope and Glory (appearing in the ‘Hope and Jim’ episode written by Roy Williams), and BBC Eastenders audio drama I Won’t Back Down, alongside the late Leonard Fenton and Natalie Cassidy. He has also previously voiced the villain in 2019 Bruntwood Prize Winner Phoebe Eclair-Powell’s radio drama Four Thirty. 

Lee has a variety of experience in advertising, gaming, radio drama, children’s radio drama, narration, motion capture and voice dubbing for BBC news.

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