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Playing Age: 25-35.

Characteristics: Clear, Sincere, Precise, Warm, Engaging, Friendly, Characterful, Inviting, Youthful.

Accents: Neutral, RP, Heightened RP, Estuary, Yorkshire, Albanian, General American, French, German.

Languages: English, German (basic), French (basic).

Studio: Home Studio.

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Lizzie trained at LAMDA, NYT, and University of Cambridge.

Her voice credits include; radio, audiobooks, animation, and video games. She was an Audio (audiobook) finalist for Loveless by Alice Oseman (who also created Heartstopper).

Lizzie's acting credits include; A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It (at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre), Good (at the Harold Pinter Theatre), several screen credits, including; Best Actress nomination in Unrestricted View Film Festival for short film Come Home, an ident for Mitsubishi on Channel 4, solo show Hamotzi at Theatre 503, and the Creature in Frankenstein with Burn Bright Theatre.

Lizzie is often employed for in-progress readings and R&Ds, due to her clear voice and high standard of sight-reading.

She loves working on new writing, and character voices, and has picked up accents and languages for specific projects, as required.

Lizzie has British and Swiss passports and has a home studio.

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