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Playing Age: Child-35.

Characteristics: Melodious, Sincere, Energetic, Vibrant, Fresh, Fun, Inspirational, Intelligent, Sassy, Warm.

Accents: Transatlantic (native), English Standard, English RP, English South-West UK, General African, General American, American (Southern States), Caribbean, Eritrean/Ethiopian/Sudanese, French, London, Nigerian.

Languages: English, French, Yoruba, Tigrinya, Pidgin English.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate Clip
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Narrative Reel
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Nigerian Reel
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US Reel
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Caribbean Reel
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Lola is a London based actress and singer.

Her voice work includes; campaigns for WaterAid, Google,

and VRBO.

Her acting credits include; The National Theatre, BAFTA-

winning His House (feature film), and several award-winning African Short Films.

She won the Exceptional Merit, Lead Actress in a Feature

Award at the 2020 WRPN Woman's International Film Festival and is a BBC Radio Norman Beaton 2018 Semi-Finalist.

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