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Van Der

Playing Age: 15-30.

(Can also do young children's voices).

Characteristics: Warm, Bright, Young, Fresh, Engaging.

Accents: General American (Native), RP, London, Southern US, New York, Australian, Dutch.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

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Michelle is a London based American actor and BA Musical Theatre graduate, from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

She was part of an Off-Broadway musical directed by two-time Tony nominated director Denis Jones, and recently starred in several short films in London.

With her extensive musical theatre training, Michelle's vocal technique and ear allows her to convincingly play anything from; snobby LA-teens, 11 year old boys, ethereal queens, to impish alien creatures, and slip into a wide range of US accents, as well as an excellent RP English accent.

Michelle's vocal stamina makes her a strong candidate for audiobooks and radio plays, as she is comfortable with speaking for long periods of time and has the skillset to maintain top vocal health.

Michelle is also a highly skilled singer, adept at many styles, from folk-rock, to musical theatre, to classical. She writes and performs her own music when she isn't acting, and is set to release her EP in 2024.

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