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Playing Age: 25-45.

Characteristics: Warm, Friendly, Strong, Kind, Natural, Reassuring, Informative.

Accents: Yorkshire (Native), Cockney, Liverpool, RP, American-Standard.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

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Blithe Spirit (Madame Arcati) Clip
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Nance, who was born and raised in Yorkshire, has been an actor for many years.

Primarily a stage actor, she's played a range of classic, formidable, and slightly eccentric characters, from the classics, Lady Bracknell and Madame Arcati (to name a few) and she's even played Margaret Rutherford!

Nance's experience also covers film, short films, radio, commercials, and animation.

She recently voiced The Rani for an American company who loves Dr Who as much as she does!

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