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Playing Age: 25-55.

Characteristics: Natural, Warm, Commercial, Empowering, Deep, Clear, Friendly, Smooth, Upbeat, Engaging.

Accents: RP, London, Essex, American-Standard, American-Southern States, Australian, Dorset, Yorkshire, Geordie, Irish-Southern, West-Country, French.

Studio: Home studio.

Commercial Reel
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Natasha can deliver empowering and smooth reads to upbeat, commercial, and conversational reads.  She is a skilled and experienced voice artist with a home studio. She has researched, written, and announced television continuity for the UK's biggest channels including Channel 5, Sky, Fox, and Universal.  She has voiced globally recognisable commercial, promo, television, and radio campaigns for brands such as ITV, Channel 4, ABC TV, Sony, MGM, BBC Worldwide, and Radio1.  She is also an experienced Actress and Television Presenter.

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