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Playing Age: 30-100+.

Characteristics: Deep, Rich, Gravelly (if necessary), Warm, Friendly, Natural, Conversational, Genuine, Versatile.

Accents: Kent (Native), London, Estuary, American Standard, Australian, West Country, Russian.

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Gaming Reel
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Impressions Reel
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Character Reel
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Documentary and Narration Reel
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E-Learning Reel
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Explainer Reel
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Audiobook Reel
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Meditation Reel
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Rosko prides himself in having a conversational, natural, and none-too-stuffy approach to his work.

If you want characterful, or someone who can inject a good dose of humour into your scripts, he'd like to think he's well equipped.

The more...mature he gets, the more of that "mans man/masculine" work he gets hired for.

Sportscarsrugged nature docs...cheese? - it's all on the resume...and his character work is extremely diverse, so do take a listen to his reels.

Rosko was born and raised in Kent, England. His natural accent is Kentish meets Estuary, but he can dial it up or down - into the leafy RP home counties countryside for some Queen's English, or straight to the heart of the East End of London (where his dad's side comes from). So, unless you need a character voice, or a tweak in approach, you'll be getting a Kentish lad!

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