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Playing Age: 25-40

(Can do character voices for babies, children under 6, and even "Grandma and Grandad").

Characteristics: Upbeat, Energetic, Warm, Enthusiastic, Charismatic, Villain, Motivational, Old Grumpy, Young Innocent, Young Cry Baby, Energetic, Comical RP, Intense, War, Voice of God, and many others.

Accents: Essex, Cockney, South American, and a wide range of character voices/accents.

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Character Reel
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Gaming Reel
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Character Reel (Voice Mail)
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Character Reel (Villain)
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Character Reel (Elderly)
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Southern American Accent
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Essex Accent
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Ross is a truly talented story teller, with a remarkable vocal ability that captivates audiences. The passion he has for his craft shines through in his natural, warm, and charismatic vocal tone, to his weird and wonderful plethora of engaging characters.

This is shown when Ross voiced the lead character, and multiple personas, in British Adult Animation series entitled ‘Degree’ (which has over 10 million impressions world-wide), and the beloved ‘Taxi Man’ in Kwame Augustine's Top 20 Amazon best-selling audio-playbook ‘The Novelist’ (which he received rave reviews for).

Years of experience as a comedian, with two solo stand-up specials, has led Ross to telling jokes and funny stories in venues across the UK, LA (including renowned venues like 'The Comedy Store’ main room, and ‘Haha Café’), and also Barcelona.

Ross is an award-winning kids entertainer. He utilizes puppets, beatboxing, and comically mimics the children to deliver an amazing fun filled performance, which stretches his creativity for voices and vocal sound effects. 
His accomplishments as an actor, writer, director, and comedian, combined with his natural comedic timing, effortless delivery, and creative flair, showcase his exceptional versatility. These qualities make Ross a highly sought-after talent for commercial, animation, and gaming projects.

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