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Playing Age: 28-40 (can also do older and younger character voices).

Characteristics: Warm, Assured, Intimate, Confident, Versatile, Conversational.

Accents: Transatlantic, General American, Southern American, RP, Scottish (Edinburgh), Cockney, Northern English, Irish (general).

Languages: English, Spanish (basic).

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate Reel
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Gaming Reel
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Animation Reel
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E-Learning Reel
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Sebastian was raised between North America and the UK, giving his voice a distinct, transatlantic quality.

He trained as an actor at The National Youth Theatre and Guildford School of Acting. After completing his BA, Sebastian worked in theatre, for several years, before

moving into film production.

Sebastian returned to performance, in the form of voice acting. He trained with Tanya Rich, of Richcraft,

and Nick Clinch, of Notable Voices, in voiceover; and with Helen Lloyd, in audiobook production.

Sebastian works full time as a voice artist from his home studio, as well as many of the studios in London, featuring in a variety of work from corporate and commercial work, to audiobooks and gaming projects.

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