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Playing Age: 6-40.

Characteristics: Engaging, Charismatic, Powerful, Informative, Playful, Conversational, Urban.

Accents: London, American-California, American-Southern States, American-Standard, Arab, Asian, Cockney, Essex, Estuary English, Indian, Irish-Northern, Liverpool, Middle Eastern, RP, Russian, Yorkshire.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate and Documentary Reel
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Audiobook and Character Reel
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Middle Eastern Accent Reel
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Sherine is an engaging, expressive, conversational, informative and professional voiceover artist. She is a great storyteller with a passion for accents.

Sherine has a wealth of experience, lending her voice to various corporate companies and advertising campaigns including; Alfa Romeo, Netflix, TFL, Adidas, Theatre and site specific work.

She is also a trained Actress, Presenter and Writer.

Sherine has a natural flair in front of the mic. Sherine’s voice can bring your animation, game, corporate job, advert, film or narration to life. She’s also been told she has the voice for radio, so she’s to do that too.

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