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Playing Age: 25-80+.

Characteristics: Warm, Assured, Engaging, Smooth, Authoritative, Dark, Soothing, Sinister, Sophisticated, Serious, Sarcastic, Deep. 

Accents: RP, Northern, West Country, London, Scottish, Irish, French, German, Italian.

Studio: Home Studio.

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Simon has been a professional voice artist since 2013, working on audiobooks, videogames, information films, and advertising (some of which he has also provided music for).

Clients have included XVO Productions, Marthese Fenech, The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund, World Editions and Ouen Press.

Simon is an artist who creates compelling narratives with his voice, and his experience as a performer in both narration and music give him a unique perspective that comes across in the expertly paced rhythms of his work.

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