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Playing Age: 25-50.

Characteristics: Energetic, Cheerful, Affable, Welcoming, Friendly.

Accents: London (native), American Standard, Cockney, Southern Irish, Lancashire, Liverpool, Manchester.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

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Simon is a Berlin/London based actor with over 30 years experience in film and television.

He is best known for his roles in Hornblower, Soldier Soldier (both ITV), and Cradle to the Grave (BBC).

He has appeared recently in Breeders, and In the Long Run (both Sky TV), Suspicion (Apple TV), and Casualty (BBC).

Simon has also appeared in numerous television commercials, both in the UK and throughout the world, for various companies, including; McDonalds, Tesco, Renault, Specsavers , Martini, and Arla, to name a few.

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