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Playing Age: 20-39.

Characteristics: Fresh, Lively Persuasion, Engaging, Sincere, Warm.

Accents: Highlands (native), Grampian, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Western Isles.

Studio: Home Studio.

Commercial Reel
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Corporate Reel
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College/Uni Reel
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BBC Reel
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E-Learning Reel
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Imaging and Promo Reel
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Audiobook Reel
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Steve has a neutral Scots accent, with a fresh and lively persuasion. His engaging Scottish lilt brings life to any project, with the sincerity and warmth you’d expect from a Highlander.

Hailing from Inverness in the Highlands, Steve grew up with the local theatre and radio station, and has never looked back. He studied in Edinburgh before founding a career in the audio & radio sectors.

Steve has over 15 years of top industry experience voicing TV & radio commercials, station imaging, podcasts, online videos, audiobooks, educational material, award ceremonies, and more.

With a production background, he takes direction well, and knows how to deliver exactly what you need.

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