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Playing Age: 15-25.

Characteristics: Calming, Friendly, Gravelly, Warm.

Accents: Liverpool (Native), Estuary, MLE, Cockney, RP, General Scottish, Northern, Mancunion, Northern Irish, Bristolian, General American, New York, Australian.

Studio: No home studio, but happy to travel.

Commercial Reel
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Narration Reel
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Audio Drama Reel
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Video Game and Animation Reel
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Zac is currently in his third year of training, at Rose Bruford South West (formally ALRA).

He is a fresh face in the industry, with big goals - he was recently awarded a Runner Up Prize in the BBC Carleton Hobbs Bursary.

With a strong Liverpudlian accent, Zac's voice is effortlessly warm and charismatic. An adaptable performer, he is armed with an plethora of accents, ready for any job.

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